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Which industrial occupations involved asbestos exposure?

During the last century, over 70 different industries made use of tremendous amounts of asbestos, which inevitably led to toxic exposure among workers.

Today, up to 20% of former industrial workers struggle with a disease caused by occupational asbestos exposure.

Even though the companies that employed asbestos had been aware of the dangers of exposure, they chose to keep workers and the general public in the dark for their own financial profit, as asbestos was widely available and very cheap to purchase at the time.

However, nowadays, people who were injured by asbestos exposure in industrial settings can recover the compensation they deserve from the asbestos trust funds set up by former asbestos companies or from the companies that exposed them to asbestos that are still in business today. At the moment, there are approximately 60 active asbestos trust funds in the United States. The following are some of the major occupations that entailed asbestos exposure between 1920 and 1980:

If you had one of the jobs above, you were most likely heavily exposed to asbestos, which is why you need to keep a close eye on your health today, as diseases caused by asbestos exposure take between 20 and 50 years to develop. While the majority of diseases that stem from asbestos exposure affect the lungs, they can also occur in other parts of the body.

In the regrettable case that you have a diagnosis related to occupational asbestos exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact our team of experts for a claim evaluation. We specialize in personal injury and product liability claim evaluation and will gladly help you find out whether you are eligible for filing a claim. If you are eligible for filing a claim for asbestos exposure, we will guide you to a lawyer who specializes in toxic exposure so that you can recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Quality assistance for industrial workers injured by asbestos exposure

For over 35 years, the team of Atraxia Law has been evaluating the claim eligibility of former industrial workers whose health was affected by asbestos exposure and is here to help you find out whether you qualify for compensation from liable asbestos companies. You will only have to send our experts your employment records and your medical records, which we will carefully look into to determine your eligibility.