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Is there a statute of limitations for a Tepezza claim?

Should you be eligible for a claim aiming compensation for irreversible hearing loss as a result of Tepezza infusion treatment, you may file your Tepezza claim, but please note there are time limits for doing so.

Time limits depend on the state you are living in, but in general, the statute of limitations for a Tepezza claim could stretch anywhere between two and four years.

Tepezza claims are still in the early stages, and for the time being, only individual claims are the real open option. Attorneys are still accepting cases. Since initial consultations to assess eligibility and chances in a Tepezza claim are free, to ensure your right to file a Tepezza claim, you should seek out legal assistance as soon as possible.

Reach out to Atraxia Law and learn about your options and necessary steps, such as:

The first step in determining the eligibility for a Tepezza claim is providing us with evidence of your hearing loss diagnosis following a Tepezza infusion treatment. Because different states employ different statutes of limitations, it is crucial that you seek us out when a diagnosis has been established. This process consists of a quick and simple phone call with one of our case managers. We will thoroughly analyze your current situation and determine if your hearing loss diagnosis entitles you to compensation from the liable manufacturing company.

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With our experience of over 35 years of experience in vetting defective drug claims, we are able to offer quick and effective assistance and guidance to provide our clients with the attentive representation they deserve.

Our team will carefully go over your specific situation so that we have a clear understanding of your needs and, as a first step, will determine if you meet the preliminary requirements for a claim.