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Why do I need a lawyer to file a Tepezza hearing loss claim?

By filing a Tepezza claim, you hold the drug’s manufacturer accountable for your injuries. Drug manufacturers have powerful legal representation, and it takes experience to file a defective drug claim against them in a way that will maximize your chances for rightful compensation.

If you have received Tepezza infusion as a treatment for thyroid eye disease (TED) and subsequently suffer from hearing impairment, you might be eligible to seek compensation from Horizon Pharmaceuticals by filing a Tepezza claim.

As the manufacturer of Tepezza, Horizon Pharmaceuticals (also mentioned as Horizon Therapeutics) has the responsibility to warn users of Tepezza about all dangers associated with the use of the drug. Horizon Pharmaceuticals failed to adequately and accurately warn about the hearing loss and tinnitus risks involved with the Tepezza infusion treatment. When the manufacturer applied for FDA approval, it presented evidence that showed a risk of hearing impairment in 10% of Tepezza patients. This percentage was later proved to be shockingly higher, reaching as much as 65%.

A lawyer can help you build a strong case

Filing a defective drug claim is an elaborate and demanding process, but a lawyer with experience in handling product liability cases can help you successfully navigate through the process. The ways of legal assistance involve:

Tepezza claims have a statute of limitations which differs from state to state, and this period may vary from two to four years. We will take all necessary measures to ensure a strong representation of your case by gathering, processing, and organizing all documentation after confirming your eligibility.

Atraxia Law can be the first step you take to get compensation

Atraxia Law is the first step to see if you qualify for compensation. We have successfully helped individuals who have been involved with challenging personal injuries that have resulted in a cash payout. Our team will carefully go over your specific situation so we have a clear understanding of your needs and will determine if you meet the preliminary requirements for a claim. This process is a quick and simple phone call with one of our case managers.