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PFAS exposure at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base

Located on 45 square miles in the southeastern part of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is the oldest base outside the continental part of the U.S. starting from the 15th century, the Columbus period. It was leased and established in 1903 by treaty as a naval base and used as a coaling station.

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base represents a strategic point in the Caribbean. It supports a wide range of military and interagency actions and ensures regional security and protection from terrorism and drug trafficking. It incorporates essential units like the Naval Station, Naval Hospital, Navy Supply, Joint Task Force-GTMO, Naval Atlantic Meteorology, and Oceanography Detachment, Personnel Support Activity Detachment, and Marine Corps Security Force Company. Since 2002 it has included a military prison for war enemies.

There are thousands of service members with their families stationed on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, and everyone who came in contact with contaminated materials may be at risk of PFAS exposure linked to dreadful diseases such as cancer. These hazardous substances are also known as "forever chemicals" due to their persistent nature and subsequent absorption in the environment or human body. They are found in AFFF - a fire suppressant used for extinguishing fires originating from flammable liquids or gases. The fundamental reason for concern is that exposure to perfluorinated chemicals can have disastrous health consequences in time.

What are the contaminants lurking on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base?

The prevalence of PFAS is more than enough to endanger people living on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. These fully fluorinated manufactured chemical compounds have oil and water-repellent properties, making them ideal for use in firefighting foams, among many other fabricated items. This made firefighters more susceptible to toxic exposure in considerable quantities, leading to high PFAS concentrations in their blood.

The health ramifications expand and also implicate high-risk levels for the family members of those stationed close to the Naval Base and the inhabitants of the nearby areas. PFAS exposure does not generate immediate results; diseases develop gradually and affect the organs or tissues over the years.

What are the health issues that PFAS exposure on military bases causes?

Aside from cancer, which is the most severe health condition that exposure to PFAS can inflict, there are numerous other diagnoses affected people can receive as a cause of coming in contact with these hazardous chemicals. The medical issues associated with PFAS exposure that make you eligible for compensation are:

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