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Toxic hair relaxers: Motions

One of the hair relaxer brands mentioned in toxic hair relaxer lawsuits is Motions, a top-selling brand manufactured and marketed by Strength of Nature, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Godrej Group, an Indian-based international conglomerate corporation.

The cosmetics company's chemical hair relaxers are primarily used by Black women who have naturally coily or curly hair. Motion chemical hair relaxers alter the hair's structure and change its natural texture. Hair relaxers need to be re-applied as the hair grows out, usually about six to eight weeks.

Risk of severe health problems for women who use Motions hair relaxers

Motions chemical hair relaxers are made to straighten curly hair and make it look smooth and silky. The product's formula contains an emulsion of conditioners and natural humectants to replace moisture lost during the relaxer process.

Along with the certified natural ingredients, all hair relaxer products (including the ones manufactured by Strength of Nature) are made with strong chemicals, many of which are not even disclosed on the product label.

The chemicals in Motions and other products are known to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). These are chemicals that interact with and disturb the normal function of the endocrine system, which regulates hormone production.

Some of the Motions brand's hair relaxers manufactured and sold by Strength of Nature Global, LCC:

  • Motions Classic Mild Formula Hair Relaxer
  • Motions Classic Lye Relaxer Formula
  • Motions Smooth & Straighten Hair Relaxer
  • Motions Professional, Smooth & Straighten

Hazardous chemicals in hair relaxers

There have been serious concerns about the potential health hazards of using chemical hair relaxers, as some of the compounds are endocrine disruptors. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can disturb the normal function of the endocrine system and lead to the development of hormone-sensitive cancers. However, there was no scientific evidence until the National Institutes of Health completed a decade-long clinical study that looked at the effects of prolonged exposure to the chemicals in hair relaxer products like Motions.

The preliminary results of the NIH study published in October 2022 in a major medical journal show that women who frequently use chemical hair relaxers like Motions have an increased risk of hormone-related conditions, such as:

The researchers of the NIH study found that 60% of the women who reported using hair relaxers were black. Chemical hair relaxer manufacturers know that black women use hair relaxers more often than women of other racial groups. Therefore, their hair relaxer marketing is focused on black women.

Toxic hair relaxer lawsuits against the manufacturer of Motions hair relaxer products

After the study was published, women started to file hair relaxer lawsuits against cosmetics companies like Strength of Nature, the manufacturer of Motions hair relaxers. Plaintiffs claim that these manufacturers failed to warn consumers of the health risks associated with the toxic chemicals in their products.

Women who filed toxic hair relaxer claims against Strength of Nature accuse the cosmetics company of marketing their chemical hair relaxers as safe for regular use when they should have known that the hair care products contain substances harmful to human health.

File a toxic hair relaxer claim against the manufacturer of Motions hair relaxers

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