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Toxic hair relaxers: Optimum Care

Optimum Care is a popular chemical hair relaxer brand created by SoftSheen-Carson, a wholly-owned subsidiary of L'Oreal. Many women use the Optimum Care brand's chemical hair relaxer kits to flatten their curly or coily hair.

The brand's chemical hair relaxer products contain strong chemicals that damage the hair's protein structure, changing its natural texture.

Women use hair relaxers to achieve sleek and glossy hair, but most of them are unaware of what hazardous chemicals they expose themselves to. Endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic chemicals commonly found in hair relaxers:

Some of the Optimum Care Hair Relaxers marketed to African American women:

  • Optimum Salon Haircare
  • Optimum Smooth Professional Optimum Multi-mineral Relaxer
  • Optimum Salon Hair Care Defy Breakage No-Lye Relaxer

Toxic hair relaxer lawsuits against Optimum Care's manufacturer

A comprehensive NIH study found an alarming link between frequent usage of chemical hair relaxers and a significant rise in uterine cancer rates. 

The beauty company was sued by women who claimed that the Optimum Care hair relaxers were heavily marketed to Black women without warning about the potential side effects of chemical ingredients.

According to several studies, including the one conducted by the Silent Spring Institute these chemicals can disturb the functioning of the endocrine system, and frequent, prolonged exposure to them can cause hormone-sensitive cancers such as:

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