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Bonedry - Another toxic paraquat product

Manufactured by Sinon USA, Inc., Bonedry is a defoliant and desiccant herbicide that contains 43.8% paraquat dichloride. Since it has often been mistaken for beverages due to its dark green color, it contains safeguard additives that induce vomiting in order to avoid accidental ingestion.

Due to its high toxicity, agricultural workers who intend to handle this chemical substance must undergo specific training and become licensed applicators.

Bonedry is used for weed and grass control, and some of the registered target crops include:

  • soybeans
  • potatoes
  • rice
  • wheat
  • maize
  • coffee
  • tea
  • sugarcane
  • oranges
  • apples
  • bananas
  • cotton

People who are authorized to employ Bonedry must wear proper protective equipment, such as:

  • coveralls
  • eyewear and full-face shields
  • chemical resistant gloves and clothing
  • a NIOSH-approved respirator

Even one sip of Bonedry can be fatal, which is why this hazardous substance has to be locked up and the container tightly closed so that children cannot access it.

Bonedry exposure may increase the risk of Parkinson's disease

Every manufacturer has an obligation to guarantee that their products are safe. Nevertheless, innocent victims suffer damaging consequences when a company fails to do so and does not adequately warn consumers of their product's dangerous side effects.

Exposure to paraquat products has resulted in devastating health consequences over the years, including Parkinson's disease, a neurodegenerative disorder for which there is no cure.

Aside from farmers and farmworkers, people living near farming communities are also at high risk of exposure. Anyone coming into extended contact with paraquat products is at risk of developing Parkinson's disease and may be confronted with the symptoms these chemicals produce:

  • tremor and imbalance
  • limit mobility
  • inflict stiffness of the trunk and limbs
  • alter speech and writing abilities
  • hinder coordination
  • can leave an individual bedridden

Quality assistance for people exposed to paraquat products

If you have been exposed to Bonedry from long-term use and came to struggle with Parkinson's disease, please get in touch with the team of professionals at Atraxia Law. We will investigate every aspect of your case and determine whether you are eligible for filing a paraquat claim with the manufacturers of Bonedry. We only need evidence of your paraquat exposure, together with your medical records that support your Parkinson's diagnosis.