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Treatment with Nintedanib found ineffective in treating mesothelioma

Nintedanib has been studied as a potential cure for mesothelioma for several years. Still, recent research shows it does not improve the disease in suffering patients.

In the article "The Future of Mesothelioma Treatment: Time to Shift Gears," authors Michele Maio, MD, Ph.D. and Luana Calabro, MD, Ph.D., from the oncology department at the Center for Immuno-Oncology, University Hospital of Siena, Italy explain the ineffectiveness of Nintedanib in treating mesothelioma.

In the study they conducted, they administered mesothelioma patients a combination of nintedanib, cisplatin, and pemetrexed, which led to no improvement in the progression-free survival of the people with the disease. Additionally, the treatment does not help the quality of life either.

It was discovered that a great number of patients who were given nintedanib were experiencing very bothersome side effects. "This latest failure of an anti-angiogenetic drug in patients with mesothelioma fosters consistent doubts and skepticism and raises the questions of whether we should drop the anti-angiogenetic approach after so many trial failures," said the authors conclusively.

However, despite nintedanib not being effective in alleviating malignant mesothelioma, people struggling with it still have a wide range of treatments available, which they can try, either in the hospital or in clinical trials.

It has recently been revealed that a combination of surgery and chemotherapy is the most efficient treatment method for most mesothelioma patients.

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