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PFAS Exposure at Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base

The military base was established as a World War II facility and was subsequently used for planes to land on. It is located near Grandview, Missouri, just south of Kansas City. In 1999, it was planned as a railroad terminal.

The Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base has been closed since 1994.

Because the military firefighters employed aqueous film-forming foam, commonly known as AFFF, to extinguish aircraft fires, contamination with PFAS, a dangerous group of chemicals, was inevitable.

The toxic agent infiltrated the soil and the water of the base. Thereby, everyone who lived on the base drank water contaminated with PFAS, which can lead to serious health problems over the years. If you, as a military member or as a family member of one, lived on Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base for at least 1 year and developed a disease, please reach out to our law firm, as we specialize in toxic exposure cases.

Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base was built in 1941 and was used as a training site for new recruits during World War II by the U.S. Army Air Force. It was not until 1952 that it became a military base in response to the beginning of the Cold War. Although the military base is closed, it is still employed by multiple private companies. The Environmental Protection Agency found high levels of PFAS in the water system of the former Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base. For this reason, we strongly advise everyone who lived on the base to undergo medical examinations regularly, as, during the early phases, the diseases you can develop are asymptomatic. In the unfortunate case that you developed a serious disease, we will help you recover the compensation you are entitled to from Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base.

What Diseases Can Exposure to PFAS Cause?

There are numerous diseases exposure to PFAS can result in, as the group of chemicals is very toxic and carcinogenic. However, only certain diseases qualify you for filing a claim to recover compensation, as there is a definitive causal relation between exposure to PFAS and these health issues. The following are the disease you can develop after prolonged exposure to PFAS, as well as the diagnoses that make you eligible for compensation:

If you were stationed on Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base after 1970, when AFFF became popular, and experience a new onset of symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately, as you may be suffering from a serious disease. It is worthy of note that if you struggle with any other cancer, you can still apply for compensation, as there is a strong connection between exposure to PFAS and malignant diseases. In the regrettable event that you developed one of the diseases above, our attorneys will provide you with quality legal assistance to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Quality Assistance for the Victims of Toxic Exposure Who Lived on Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base

If you are a veteran or a family member of one who lived for at least 1 year on Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base and subsequently came to struggle with a disease, please contact our law firm and we will thoroughly evaluate your case. We will help eligible individuals file a claim with the military base, which will result in the maximum compensation they can recover. Although complex, the process will require minimal involvement on your part, as you will only have to send your attorney your military and medical records, documents that will stand as evidence to support your claim. The rest of the paperwork will be efficiently handled by our skilled legal team. In the end, you will receive the financial compensation you are entitled to, which will also help you afford superior healthcare and treatment. Lastly, it is important to know that we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay our law firm anything unless our attorneys recover compensation for you. Finally, it is worthy of note that if you already receive disability compensation from the VA, you can still file a claim with Alameda Naval Base, as you are entitled to money from both.

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