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PFAS exposure at Shaw Air Force Base

Shaw Air Force Base is located approximately 8.4 miles west-northwest of downtown Sumter, South Carolina. As one of the largest military bases operated by the United States, it is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command. The base is named in honor of pilot Lieutenant Ervin David Shaw, who was one of the first Americans to fly combat missions during World War I.

Nonetheless, it is important to know that, at the moment, Shaw Air Force Base is heavily contaminated with PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals that stem from the use of aqueous film-forming foam, commonly known as AFFF, by military firefighters and trainees.

The military base was built in 1941 and placed under the jurisdiction of the Army Air Corps Southeast Air Corps Training Center. With the purpose of instructing air cadets in flying, the Air Corps Basic Flying School became active several months later.

Since the early 1960s, when AFFF was first manufactured by the U.S. Navy together with the 3M company, Shaw Air Force Base has been constantly polluted with PFAS, as well as over 700 other military bases throughout the country. This fire suppressant, while very effective in extinguishing jet fuel and petroleum fires, is very dangerous, as it unavoidably releases large amounts of PFAS in the environment. Similarly, when they enter the human body, they remain there forever, being able to lead to the development of very serious diseases, including cancer.

What contaminants are present on Shaw Air Force Base?

PFAS are the main contaminant on Shaw Air Force Base, which is enough to lead to heavy toxic exposure among members of the military. The longer one stays at Shaw Air Force Base, the more likely they are to develop a serious disease as a consequence of PFAS exposure. According to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the presence of PFAS in the drinking water at the American Mobile Home Plaza, which exceeded the federal health advisory level, came from Shaw Air Force Base. Consequently, PFAS do not represent a serious issue only for the members of the military stationed at Shaw Air Force Base, but for the surrounding communities as well.

Veterans who developed a disease as a result of exposure to PFAS on this military base are eligible for compensation. Furthermore, if a family member of a veteran who was stationed with them at Shaw Air Force Base came to struggle with a disease due to toxic exposure, they are also entitled to financial compensation.

What diseases can exposure to PFAS cause?

Without a doubt, the most harrowing disease exposure to PFAS can cause is cancer, which may affect various organs in the body. However, there are also other diseases that have a definitive causal relation with exposure to PFAS, and for which you can seek financial compensation. The following are all the diagnoses that make you eligible for compensation if you were exposed to PFAS on Shaw Air Force Base:

It is worthy of note that, if you were exposed to PFAS, several years to several decades may pass until a disease develops, as they usually have a long latency period. For this reason, we highly advise you to keep a close eye on your health and seek medical attention as soon as you experience unusual symptoms. Lastly, because misdiagnosis is very common when it comes to toxic exposure, you should visit multiple medical specialists if you received a diagnosis related to toxic exposure, as this is the only way you can make sure you have the correct diagnosis. Not only will having the right diagnosis grant you access to the most effective treatment, but it will also influence the sum of money you will receive following claim submission.

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