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PFAS exposure on Sheppard Air Force Base

Located 5 miles north of the central business district of Wichita Falls, in Wichita County, Texas, Sheppard Air Force Base was founded in 1941. The military base had the purpose of providing aircrew and aircraft mechanics training during World War II. Nowadays, Sheppard Air Force Base is the largest training base in Air Education and Training Command. Regrettably, the military base is heavily contaminated with PFAS, a group of toxic chemicals that can greatly endanger the health of the people stationed there.

As the home of the largest technical training wing of the Air Force and the only internationally manned and managed flying training program in the world, Sheppard Air Force Base has been thoroughly preparing pilots and maintainers, as well as the following specialists, for the last 80 years:

  • propulsion
  • avionics maintenance
  • flight equipment
  • aerospace ground equipment

Furthermore, the military base has been providing complete training to civilian engineers, plumbers, telecommunications specialists, and electricians whose jobs are essential for keeping Shappard Air Force Base running.

However, over recent years, the military base has become contaminated with PFAS, as military firefighters and trainees had been using aqueous film-forming foam, commonly known as AFFF, to extinguish jet fuel and petroleum fires. This is a fire suppressant that, interestingly, was developed by the U.S. Navy together with the 3M company in the 1960s. It contains large amounts of PFAS, a group of dangerous fluorinated chemicals, exposure to which can result in terrible diseases.

What toxic agents are contaminating Sheppard Air Force Base?

While PFAS are the primary toxic agent lurking on Sheppard Air Force Base, the Environmental Working Group has also found a series of other hazardous substances on the military base. Exposure to PFAS occurs via inhalation and ingestion. Once released in the environment by the use of AFFF, these chemicals persist, hence their nickname “forever chemicals”. Similarly, if they reach the inside of the body, they remain there forever, being able to cause extensive damage to various organs.

Everyone who served on the Sheppard Air Force Base after the 1960s was inevitably exposed to PFAS, which is why we advise these veterans to keep a close eye on their health. The following are the other toxic agents found to be contaminating Sheppard Air Force Base, whose presence only worsens the extent of toxic exposure occurring among members of the military:

  • arsenic
  • bromochloroacetic acid
  • bromodichloromethane
  • bromoform
  • chlorite
  • chloroform
  • chromium
  • dibromoacetic acid
  • dibromochloromethane
  • dichloroacetic acid
  • haloacetic acids
  • trichloroacetic acid

It is worthy of note that the majority of these dangerous substances can lead to the development of cancer, just as exposure to PFAS can. For this reason, we recommend veterans who served at Sheppard Air Force Base to undergo regular screenings so that they can timely find out about a potential disease caused by toxic exposure.

What diseases can I develop if I was exposed to PFAS on Sheppard Air Force Base?

Exposure to PFAS is associated with numerous awful diseases, some of which are life-threatening. Unfortunately, there are numerous veterans who served as military firefighters over recent years and subsequently came to struggle with a form of cancer as a consequence of frequent exposure to PFAS. Even the personal protective equipment of military firefighters contains PFAS. The following are the diagnoses for which you can seek financial compensation from the AFFF companies that exposed you to PFAS, a process with which we will help you:

Veterans with one of the diagnoses above are eligible for compensation, which they can recover from the liable companies with the legal assistance of skillful attorneys. Furthermore, the family members of veterans who were stationed with them at Sheppard Air Force Base and developed a disease can also file a toxic exposure claim to obtain financial compensation.

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