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Asbestos Emphysema Claim Eligibility

How Does Asbestos Exposure Cause Emphysema?

Over 3.5 million people in the United States are currently struggling with emphysema, a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that entails severe damage to the air sacs of the lungs, medically known as alveoli. While the primary cause of emphysema is tobacco smoking, multiple reliable medical studies found that asbestos exposure can also be a contributing factor to this lung disease.

Because most asbestos exposure occurs via inhalation, people who worked with or were surrounded by this dangerous mineral are more likely to develop emphysema, as a large part of the asbestos fibers they breathed in remain attached to the tissue of their lungs. Over the years, this leads to the occurrence of inflammation and scarring, which may eventually result in emphysema.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and a diagnosis of emphysema, we strongly encourage you to contact our team of experts, as you may be eligible for compensation. However, because emphysema can have numerous other causes, you will first have to undergo a screening to determine whether there are asbestos fibers in your lungs. If asbestos is present in the tissue of your lungs, you will qualify for filing a claim for asbestos exposure.

Although the financial compensation you will receive following claim submission will not be as large as the sum of money people with asbestos cancer receive, it will still come in handy if you constantly need to invest in your healthcare and treatment. Filing a claim for asbestos exposure is free of charge, as law firms that handle this type of cases work on a contingency fee basis.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Asbestos Emphysema?

We advise everyone who was exposed to asbestos and developed emphysema to seek financial compensation, as not only will this provide them with money, but it will also hold the responsible companies liable for their negligence. However, because emphysema is a common misdiagnosis among people who were exposed to asbestos, you need to seek a second and even a third opinion from different medical experts to make sure you have the correct diagnosis.

In addition to a correct diagnosis, you will have to meet a series of criteria to become eligible for filing a claim for asbestos exposure, which are the following:

  • you must have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace, in the military, or secondarily
  • your claim must be filed within the statute of limitations

It is worthy of note that asbestos exposure claims have a statute of limitations of 3 years from the moment of diagnosis in most states, which is why we recommend you to contact the expert team of Atraxia Law as soon as you receive your diagnosis. If the statute of limitations is exceeded, you are no longer eligible for compensation. The statute of limitations can always change and some states have a shorter one when it comes to asbestos exposure.

Quality Assistance for People Injured by Asbestos Exposure

For over 35 years, our team of professionals has been providing victims of asbestos exposure with quality assistance by helping people determine whether they are eligible for filing a claim. If you came to struggle with a disease that you believe is the consequence of asbestos exposure, please contact Atraxia Law and we will thoroughly assess your situation. The only documents you will be required to send us are your employment or military records and your medical records. Eventually, you will know with certainty if you can file a claim for asbestos exposure. If you are eligible, we will promptly guide you to a lawyer who specializes in toxic exposure so that you can benefit from the money you deserve.

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