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Pleurisy Claim Eligibility

How Does Asbestos Exposure Lead To Pleurisy?

Breathing in asbestos fibers can cause inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs and lining the chest cavity (pleurae). Inhalation of sufficient quantities of asbestos fibers over protracted periods can lead to serious health problems, including various cancers and severe respiratory conditions.

Although pleurisy can be caused by bacterial infections such as pneumonia, asbestos exposure is very likely to result in pleural inflammation as well. Asbestos-related pleurisy is characterized by swelling of the thin lining around the chest cavity and lungs, also known as the pleura, 10 to 30 years after initial exposure to asbestos.

At Atraxia Law, we help those who have been affected by asbestos-related diseases, such as pleurisy. Our team of legal experts understands how asbestos exposure can impact your physical health, as well as your financial security. If you have been exposed to asbestos in the past, it is important to be aware of your rights to compensation. Once you have contacted us, we will work tirelessly to find out which company and products exposed you to asbestos, and our extensive experience can be invaluable when we are recovering the compensation you are entitled to.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria for Filing A Pleurisy Claim?

Working with asbestos put millions of blue-collar workers, military service members, and their families at risk for asbestos-related diseases; this is because the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products knew about the negative health effects linked to asbestos exposure but hid the facts to keep making money.

Asbestos-related pleurisy usually develops decades after the first asbestos exposure, and industrial workers and veterans are often worried that it was too long ago or the liable companies that exposed them to harmful asbestos-ridden environments are no longer trading. However, with professional legal help, these issues can be overcome, and financial support secured.

Our legal experts can help you to track down previous employers and hold them accountable, even if they are no longer operating. We can also utilize our own extensive experience to help families identify where people might have been exposed to asbestos in the past.

Prior to filing an asbestos compensation claim, it is important to have the fullest possible information about the person affected by an asbestos-related disease. Consequently, we will speak to family members of asbestos victims, and former work colleagues and review medical records to create a picture of their history of asbestos exposure and the impact that asbestos’s effects had upon them and their families.

Steps you can take to preserve your right for compensation from the parties responsible for your asbestos exposure include the following:

  • Gather documentation - you can help us find out how you or your loved one was exposed to asbestos by providing all documentation of employment history.
  • Obtain a reliable diagnosis - preliminary detection of asbestos-related pulmonary conditions can be achieved through a chest imagery scan - CT scan and chest X-ray.

During their medical evaluation, patients must discuss all sources of asbestos exposure with their doctor and identify the duration, intensity, and circumstances under which the exposure occurred. Pleurisy may precede the onset of mesothelioma, and often, it co-occurs with the disease. When a patient has an asbestos-related life-threatening condition, such as mesothelioma, an early and accurate diagnosis may improve its outcome and also helps him/her recover the rightful amount of financial compensation.

In Order to Become Eligible For Filing a Claim, It Is Essential For You to Have Asbestos Fibers in Your Lungs

Former industrial workers and veterans who have been wrongfully harmed as a result of asbestos manufacturers' negligence and family members of individuals who have died from an asbestos-related disease have the right to bring legal action against those responsible. We also help veterans obtain monetary compensation through VA claims for the consequences of asbestos exposure while on active duty.

Even people who were not directly involved in the manufacture and/or installation of asbestos-containing products could be at risk. Family members of laborers who worked in asbestos-related industries may be exposed to harmful fibers tracked into the home on shoes, clothing, hair, and skin.

We cannot undo the past, and we deeply regret that people have become seriously ill due to asbestos exposure, but we can help sufferers and their families whose lives have been torn apart by asbestos and the diseases it can cause to recover the compensation they deserve. Our goal is to help you chart a course of action and navigate the complicated legal system to ensure you receive the right compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don’t charge for our services unless we recover compensation on your behalf.

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