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Pulmonary Fibrosis Claim Eligibility

How Does Asbestos Exposure Lead To Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Although the causal relationship between asbestos exposure and pulmonary fibrosis has not been recognized yet, a series of reliable medical studies found this disease highly prevalent among former industrial workers and veterans who were repeatedly exposed to high levels of the toxic mineral. With a pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis, you need diagnosis confirmation by further testing to make sure that your case matches the eligibility criteria.

The signs of asbestos-related pulmonary diseases can be detected by conducting a chest X-ray which should be reviewed by a board-certified B-reader radiologist.

Since pulmonary fibrosis can have multiple other causes than asbestos exposure, it is essential to have asbestos fibers in your lungs in order to become eligible for filing a claim. Once we are sure your disease is the consequence of exposure to asbestos in industrial or military settings, we can further review your case.

Diagnosing asbestos-related illnesses can be difficult, especially if past asbestos exposure is omitted from the occupational profile. A pulmonary fibrosis misdiagnosis greatly affects your prognosis and also the financial compensation you are going to recover because the amount of money an asbestos victim is eligible to receive from the asbestos trust funds depends mainly on the diagnosis. We strongly recommend seeking a second opinion from a specialist in asbestos-related diseases as this can help you receive an accurate diagnosis.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Filing A Pulmonary Fibrosis Claim?

In the event that you're diagnosed with asbestos-related pulmonary fibrosis, contact one of our legal experts. Atraxia Law provides the legal expertise required to help asbestos sufferers.

The eligibility criteria for filing an asbestos-related pulmonary fibrosis claim include a number of essential elements, such as:

  • you were exposed to asbestos on the job or in the military no matter when or where they served
  • you are a victim of secondary asbestos exposure
  • you lost a loved due to an asbestos-related illness
  • your claim must be filed within the statutes of limitations set by the trust in question

If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will efficiently take care of all the necessary legal aspects and dedicate our endeavors to helping you recover the maximum compensation available.

File a Claim for Pulmonary Fibrosis Caused by Asbestos Exposure With the Assistance of Atraxia Law

Former industrial workers and veterans who are suffering from pulmonary fibrosis after exposure to asbestos may qualify for payments from the the companies that exposed you to asbestos, VA, and asbestos trust funds.

In addition to the information we gather from you, our experts will also research your case thoroughly in order to discover other relevant details, which might ensure the success of your claim. If you have lost a family member who had not filed a claim during their lifetime, we can also help you file a claim to obtain compensation.

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