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Tuberculosis due to asbestos exposure

How does asbestos exposure lead to tuberculosis?

Many doctors reported instances of tuberculosis and mesothelioma happening concurrently. Furthermore, tuberculosis mimics the clinical and imaging features of most interstitial lung diseases caused by prolonged exposure to toxic industrial materials, including asbestos, which is why you should seek a second medical opinion, preferably from a specialist in asbestos-related diseases if you have been diagnosed with tuberculosis and have a history of occupational asbestos exposure.

A common manifestation of tuberculosis is pleural effusion, and we already know that asbestos exposure can cause exudative pleural effusion that develops within 10-15 years of exposure.  Asbestos fibers, inhaled and lodged in the lung tissue, may cause a spectrum of diseases, from benign conditions to malignancies. Because the signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure tend to be nonspecific, physicians will usually question the patient’s work history to determine whether asbestos exposure took place in an occupational setting. Insulators, boilermakers, construction workers, those who worked in shipyards, and veterans should be tested for asbestos-related illnesses.

File an asbestos cancer claim with the help of Atraxia Law

Atraxia Law can help you file an asbestos claim if you have a history of exposure and were diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer. There is also the unfortunate fact that family members of former industrial workers and veterans are developing progressive late-onset illnesses as a result of the asbestos that was brought home from a job site on the contaminated clothing of workers.

Accordingly, if a member of your family suffers from asbestos-related cancer, please contact us immediately because your loved one has the right to file an independent claim for financial compensation.

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