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Tuberculosis Claim Eligibility

How Does Asbestos Exposure Lead To Tuberculosis?

Many doctors reported instances of tuberculosis and mesothelioma happening concurrently. Furthermore, tuberculosis mimics the clinical and imaging features of most interstitial lung diseases caused by prolonged exposure to toxic industrial materials, including asbestos, which is why you should seek a second medical opinion, preferable from a specialist in asbestos-related diseases if you have been diagnosed with tuberculosis and have a history of occupational asbestos exposure.

If you have a history of occupational exposure to asbestos, and this ultimately led to an asbestos-related diagnosis, you may have the right to make a compensation claim. The amount of money you can claim for your asbestos-related disease will depend on the extent of your disease and any financial losses or costs you have incurred. Both misdiagnoses and diagnostic delays cause a relatively poor prognosis, but it may also lead to recovering a smaller amount of money than you were eligible for.

A common manifestation of tuberculosis is pleural effusion, and we already know that asbestos exposure can cause exudative pleural effusion that develops within 10-15 years of exposure. If the chest radiograph show embedded asbestos fibers in the lungs, we can help you recover the well-deserved compensation.

Asbestos fibers, inhaled and lodged in the lung tissue, may cause a spectrum of diseases, from benign conditions to malignancies. Because the signs and symptoms of asbestos exposure tend to be nonspecific, physicians will usually question the patient’s work history to determine whether asbestos exposure took place in an occupational setting. Insulators, boilermakers, construction workers, those who worked in shipyards, and veterans should be tested for asbestos-related illnesses.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Filing A Tuberculosis Claim?

If you have a history of asbestos you can file a claim to recover compensation from the companies that exposed you to known asbestos hazards.

There is a common belief that it is impossible to pursue an asbestos-related compensation claim against a former employer that has stopped trading. This is a mistaken understanding that needs clarifying. An asbestos compensation claim can be pursued against a dissolved employer if clients can name their former employers. Helpfully, some clients are able to provide paperwork to assist, such as employment contracts and social security records, or old payslips. Investigating the identity of previous employers based on very little information from our clients, and bearing in mind the employment usually took place many decades ago, is a unique aspect of the asbestos claim practice and procedure, but our legal professionals are specialists in this area.

Our team of experts reviews three main criteria when determining a client’s eligibility for an asbestos claim:

  • Proof of disease – For a valid claim, medical documentation, such as X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, and blood work results, must support an asbestos-related diagnosis.
  • Proof of exposure – There needs to be a direct link between the sufferer and the products manufactured or used by the at-fault company.
  • Statute of Limitations – Each state has its own time limit for asbestos claims of between one and six years from the date the victim is diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease or passes away from such disease.

Since asbestos-related diseases take decades to appear, making the connection can be difficult. We can make these connections by seeking out former employees, public records, and other information that ties the victim to the company in question. Each asbestos trust has its own set of exposure criteria, including a list of approved job sites where the company's products were used or manufactured. In cases where the exposure has occurred at a worksite that has no trust fund established, we can also completely handle major aspects of the legal process and your involvement will be minimal.

Are You Suffering From Tuberculosis as a Result of Occupational Asbestos Exposure? We Can Help You

Suppose you were exposed to asbestos and later diagnosed with tuberculosis or another asbestos-related health issue. You could have a valid claim if you also have proof of asbestos fibers in your lungs.

There is also the unfortunate fact that family members of former industrial workers and veterans are developing progressive late-onset disorders as a result of the asbestos that was brought home from a job site on the contaminated clothing of workers.

Accordingly, if a member of your family has suffered from an asbestos-related illness, please contact us immediately because your loved one would have the right to file an independent claim for compensation. We at Atraxia Law understand that you’re going through a challenging time right now. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you through your legal matter.

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