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Caldor Fire Claim Eligibility

On August 14, 2021, the Caldor Fire sparked along the Middle Fork of the Cosumnes River, near the community of Omo Ranch in California. It rapidly spread to Alpine County, El Dorado County, and Amador County, fueled by drought, hot weather, and high winds. The Caldor Fire became the second fire to have crossed the Sierra Nevada mountain range, following the Dixie Fire, which damaged the region a few days earlier, on August 18, 2021. The cause of the wildfire is unknown. It was fully contained only on October 21, 2021. The wildfire burnt a whopping 221,775 acres and destroyed 782 structures. Fortunately, no one has lost their life during the Caldor Fire, but two people suffered non-fatal injuries.

Little attention was given to the Caldor Fire initially, as it was first burning slowly, and other larger fires had to be taken care of. However, the wildfire exploded in size on August 16, 2021, due to high winds and high fuel loads in the area. By the night of August 16, 2021, the Caldor Fire was covering 6,500 acres, and on August 17, 2021, the fire grew to 30,000 acres as it expanded quickly north and east, crossing the North Fork Cosumnes River and approaching Sly Park Reservoir. By October 2, 2021, the wildfire was at 221,775 acres and 91% containment. During the greatest destructive peak of the Caldor Fire, over 1,500 firefighters were striving to contain it.

After burning for 69 days, damaging 221,835 acres, destroying 1,003 structures, and creating the need to evacuate over 50,000 residents in the area, the Caldor Fire was 100% contained on October 21. In spite of suppression efforts, the Caldor Fire burned up and over Echo Summit, crossed a ridgeline, and kept spreading down into the Lake Tahoe Basin. A ridgeline like the one at Echo Summit would have usually served as a strategic location where firefighters might have stopped the progress of the wildfire. Nevertheless, veteran firefighters will tell you that "these days, wildland fires are far from ordinary". Fueled by drought and climate change, they can spread over hundreds of thousands of acres and burn with unsettling intensity that was once uncommon.

The Damages Caused by the Caldor Fire

During the first days the Caldor Fire was burning, a state of emergency was declared by Governor Gavin Newsom for El Dorado County, and evacuation orders were sent out to some residents of the Tahoe Basin, as well as to some locations in Amador County. On August 17, evacuations were ordered for the following:

  • Grizzly Flats
  • Somerset
  • Sly Park Reservoir
  • Pollock Pines

Roughly 922 buildings were destroyed by the wildfire, including residential and commercial structures, many in the town of Grizzly Flats. In September, it was reported that 18 people had been injured due to the Caldor Fire, with most being identified as firefighters. Two persons were injured in Grizzly Flats and were airlifted to hospital.

With over 400 miles of containment line on the landscape, the emphasis is on repair work endeavors to remove hazardous trees and slash from high-use areas, clear culverts, and repair dozer and hand lines to reduce potential resource issues. Repair and rehabilitation work concerning the Caldor Fire will continue for a while.

The Eligibility Criteria for Filing a Caldor Fire Claim

Before deciding to file a claim for the injuries or property damage caused to you by the Caldor Fire, you should keep in mind that you will receive compensation only for what your insurance policy does not cover, such as vegetation that is outside of your home, compensation for the distress stemming from the wildfire, and natural vegetation. Nonetheless, you can obtain money for destroyed things that you owned, such as your home, your livestock, your vehicle, and your land. To file a Caldor Fire claim, you must meet one of these requirements:

  • the wildfire must have caused you injuries
  • your property must have been damaged or destroyed by the Caldor Fire
  • one of your family members must have died as a consequence of the wildfire

Finally, a very important aspect you should be aware of if you wish to file a wildfire claim is the statute of limitations. It refers to the timeframe you have to file your claim, and if it expires, you are no longer eligible for compensation. The statute of limitations often changes when it comes to wildfire claims, so it is best to contact the team of experts of Atraxia Law as soon as possible. We are up to date with the news about the statute of limitations and other crucial aspects of the legal arena and will thereby be able to offer you the guidance you need.

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Our professionals will thoroughly analyze your case and let you know whether you qualify for filing a Caldor Fire claim. If you do, we will promptly connect you to a specialized attorney who will help you continue the legal process. In the end, you will benefit from the largest sum of money possible for your situation if you decide to work with our team of professionals.

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