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Camp Lejeune oral cleft defects claims

As birth defects occurring when a baby's lips or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy, cleft lip, and cleft palate are known as oral cleft defects. 1 out of 1,600 babies is born with a cleft lip and cleft palate every year across the country. While the cause of oral cleft defects is unknown at the moment, it has recently been found that parental exposure to toxic chemicals increases the chances of having a child with this health problem. Maternal exposure to industrial solvents, which were present in the drinking water at Camp Lejeune during the last century, increases the risk of having a child with an oral cleft defect.

According to a study, exposure to industrial solvents increases the risk of women having a baby with an oral cleft defect. The risk increased with the level of exposure within the three subgroups of oxygenated solvents - aliphatic alcohols, glycol ethers, and other oxygenated solvents. Another study found that the risk of oral cleft defects was significantly higher in infants who were prenatally exposed to any level of tetrachloroethylene (PCE), one of the solvents that contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune.

The lips form between the fourth and seventh weeks of pregnancy. A cleft lip occurs if the tissue making up the lip does not join completely. The roof of the mouth forms between the sixth and the ninth week of pregnancy. If the tissue making up the roof of the mouth, known as the palate, does not join together during pregnancy, cleft palate is diagnosed. Camp Lejeune veterans and family members who were pregnant during their stay at the military base and gave birth to a child with an oral cleft defect might be entitled to financial compensation, so we encourage you to contact Atraxia Law if you are in this unfortunate situation.

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Our team of professionals has over 35 years of experience in assessing toxic exposure and personal injury claims. If you were pregnant during your stay at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987, when the drinking water was contaminated, and gave birth to a baby with an oral cleft defect, do not hesitate to contact us, as you might be able to recover compensation on their behalf. The only documents we will need to evaluate your case are your military records or proof of your stay at the military base, your medical records, and the medical records of your child. If we determine that you are eligible to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim, we will recommend a top-notch attorney to help you file it as soon as possible.

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