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Toxic hair relaxers: TCB Naturals

TCB Naturals was created in 1975 and, over the years, has become a leading hair care brand for ethnic women. In 2016, the Mumbai-based company Godrej Consumer Products Limited acquired TCB Naturals and the company's hair relaxers are marketed worldwide. TCB Naturals chemical hair relaxers were created to make the hair straight and manageable.

The products are enriched with mineral oil and petroleum jelly to reduce irritation during the hair straightening process. Besides the certified natural ingredients, these products are packed with strong chemicals to alter the hair’s protein structure and change its texture.

The following are the two top-selling TCB Naturals Relaxer products:

  • TCB Naturals Crème Hair Regular Relaxer
  • TCB Naturals Crème Hair Super Relaxer

Endocrine disruptors in chemical hair relaxers

Two significant studies found evidence that chemical hair relaxers pose human health hazards because of their endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic compounds.

While cosmetics companies insist that hair relaxers are safe for regular use, the studies found that women who regularly use these products are more likely to develop hormone-sensitive cancers than those who don't:

These studies also shows that black women use chemical hair relaxers more frequently, as their naturally coily hair is difficult to flatten using other ways.

Toxic hair relaxer claims against the liable manufacturer

Women who sued Godrej Consumer Products Limited claim that hair relaxers, including TCB Naturals Relaxer, might contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals are often added to hair relaxers as fragrances and preservatives and are not listed on the ingredients label.

Plaintiffs in hair relaxer lawsuits allege that the cosmetics company failed to warn consumers about the potential health risks associated with their hair relaxer products. Researchers detected the following chemicals in chemical hair straighteners:

We can help you file a toxic hair relaxer claim

The toxic chemicals accumulate in the body with each use of the product and disturb the functioning of the endocrine system, leading to the development of life-threatening diseases such as:

If you have been using TCB Naturals Relaxer hair relaxers and you are diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation, as you might be eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim and obtain compensation from the reliable manufacturer.

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