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Godrej Consumer Products - Toxic hair relaxers

In 1920 Godrej Consumer Group, one of India's leading consumer goods companies, expanded into the personal care business and became a hair care leader in America, Africa, and Asia.

In 2016, the company acquired Strength of Nature, which sells hair care products worldwide, to strengthen its leadership in the hair care market for ethnic women through brand building. The collaboration between Godrej Group and Strength of Nature resulted in the Profectiv MegaGrowth brand that provides an array of hair care products, including chemical hair relaxers.

Evidence linking chemicals in hair relaxers to uterine cancer

On October 17, 2022, the preliminary results of the Sister Study were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institutes, which led to hair relaxer lawsuits against Godrej Consumer Products. The toxic hair relaxer lawsuits against the Indian cosmetics company cite the major clinical study data of increased hormone-sensitive cancer rates among women who used chemical hair relaxers.

Consumers who filed toxic hair relaxer claims against Godrej Consumer Products contend that toxic endocrine-disruptive chemicals in the company's hair relaxers caused the development of the following health conditions:

Toxic hair relaxer lawsuits against Godrej Consumer Products

Women who filed toxic hair relaxer claims against the hair care market leader may be entitled to rightful compensation if the cosmetic company is found responsible for acting negligently or intentionally. The plaintiffs accused Godrej Consumer Products of marketing their hair relaxers as safe when they knew or should have known that these products contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals, potentially increasing the risk of uterine or ovarian cancer.

Plaintiffs allege responsible for their health problems the following Godrej Consumer Products - Strength of Nature chemical hair relaxers:

Quality assistance in filing a toxic hair relaxer claim against Godrej Consumer Products

If you were diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer after years of using chemical hair relaxers on a regular basis, we encourage you to contact Atraxia Law as soon as possible. Please fill out our free case evaluation form on the right-hand side of the page, and we will reach out to you immediately.

Our team of experts will determine whether you meet the necessary eligibility requirements, such as:

  • you must have used Godrej Consumer Products' chemical hair straighteners for at least 2 - 5 years
  • you must have used Godrej Consumer Products hair relaxers at least four times a year
  • you must have a diagnosis of uterine cancer or ovarian cancer
  • you do not have a history of uterine or ovarian cancer in your family

In case that after a thorough evaluation of your case, our eligibility assessment professionals find causation evidence linking chemicals in hair relaxers to your uterine or ovarian cancer diagnosis, you may have a strong claim for eventually obtaining rightful compensation.

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