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Tremor due to paraquat exposure

Tremor represents one of the most recognizable signs of Parkinson’s, occurring in the early stages of the disease, following damage to areas of the brain that control movement. While it is initially barely noticeable, it will worsen as the nervous system disorder progresses and will move from one limb or side of the body to the other.

Parkinson’s disease is often misdiagnosed as essential tremor or multiple sclerosis. Nevertheless, the primary features that are specific to Parkinson’s tremor are:

  • it is a resting tremor, not one that occurs with movement
  • it is most likely associated with other symptoms, such as decreased blink rate, slow movement, or stooped posture
  • it can affect not only the hands but other parts of the body as well
  • it can manifest through a repetitive circular motion of the thumb against other fingers and bending, unbending, or rotating at the wrist

Tremor is highly common in Parkinson’s disease and not as debilitating as other symptoms that may accompany it.

Tremor and paraquat exposure

Parkinson’s tremors can intensify with stress, fatigue, or acute emotions, and the main body parts that it affects are:

  • hands - it often starts in the fingers or hands with the “pill-rolling” motion between the thumb and index finger
  • feet - it is most noticeable when sitting or lying down with feet at rest, and it disappears when standing up, not interfering with walking
  • head - it occurs in teeth, tongue, or jaw, and it looks very much like a slower shivering effect

There are rare instances when tremors are not apparent but felt internally through shaking sensations inside the abdomen, chest, or limbs.

One of the primary causes of tremors is prolonged exposure to paraquat. This highly toxic herbicide can be fatal if ingested and is available only to certified agricultural workers applying the product. Nevertheless, even if licensed farmworkers who work directly with the chemical are most at risk of exposure, they are not the only vulnerable category. People living near lands treated with paraquat are also at risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. What is equally troublesome is that paraquat may contaminate well or groundwater and fresh produce that is intended for human consumption.

Paraquat is sold throughout the U.S. under various brand names, and manufacturers who knew about the dangers of exposure to their products did not warn the public. In the event that you suffer from tremors and other symptoms connected to a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you may be entitled to compensation from the liable manufacturers.

Quality assistance for victims of paraquat exposure

Since Parkinson’s is a progressive neurodegenerative condition, symptoms aggravate over time. It is, therefore, crucial to seek medical assistance once you or your family members experience tremors.

We strongly encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as you learn about your Parkinson’s diagnosis. The professional team at Atraxia Law can help you determine whether you are qualified for filing a toxic exposure claim. You will only need to provide us with the evidence of exposure and medical records as we will subsequently handle all the aspects of your case.

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