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Walking difficulties due to paraquat exposure

Walking can become extremely difficult for people with Parkinson’s since the disease causes damage to the part of the brain that controls movements. Due to the reduced levels of dopamine, the most apparent changes related to Parkinson’s are typically those affecting movement and can lead to challenges with freezing or falling.

Over time, walking difficulties may increase, and people suffering from Parkinson’s walk more slowly, with:

  • their chest bent forward
  • smaller “shuffling” steps
  • less arm and trunk movement
  • a stiff appearance
  • feet too close together
  • difficulty turning
  • retropulsion (quick, involuntary steps backward)

Becoming less mobile or feeling unsteady may contribute to the loss of confidence because of the constant fear of falling, potentially decreasing the level of social activities and the overall quality of life.

Walking problems are not common in every patient; their severity varies from one case to another and is characteristic of the more advanced stages of Parkinson’s.

Walking difficulties and paraquat exposure

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder, and one of its most debilitating effects is the loss of coordination and control in body movements. In many cases, this leads to severe walking disabilities and may result from prolonged exposure to paraquat.

While there is solid proof of Parkinson’s disease being linked to paraquat exposure, the United States continues to widely use the chemical on farms all across the country. This dangerous herbicide is highly efficient at killing a wide range of weeds but also damages the environment and negatively impacts human health.

The categories of individuals who are at the highest risk of paraquat exposure are:

  • farmers and farmworkers
  • chemical mixers, tank fillers, herbicide applicators
  • people living around farming communities

Only licensed agricultural workers are allowed to use paraquat, as the weedkiller is not available for residential use.

Atraxia Law can help you file a paraquat exposure claim

If you’ve worked with paraquat for an extended period of time and received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis as a result, you may be eligible for compensation from the liable manufacturers.

The professional team at Atraxia Law is highly experienced at helping clients collect the necessary evidence to support their paraquat exposure claim and subsequently guiding them to a lawyer who specializes in toxic exposure cases.

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