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High cholesterol due to toxic exposure on military bases

High cholesterol is usually caused by eating foods high in fat, not exercising, obesity, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption. It is diagnosed when a person has too much of a fatty substance known as cholesterol in their blood. Nevertheless, it has recently been found that PFAS exposure is another risk factor for high cholesterol in veterans and family members who lived at contaminated military bases. At the moment, there are over 700 military bases nationwide where PFAS are present due to firefighters and trainees using the fire suppressant AFFF, which sometimes contains 98% of these dangerous chemicals. Some PFAS increase the level of "bad" cholesterol, while others increase the levels of the "good" type. For example, PFOS and PFNA exposure can result in high concentrations of "bad" cholesterol.

According to research, high concentrations of PFAS in the blood could push people, particularly older veterans and family members who spent time at contaminated military bases, into the "high cholesterol" category that is known to increase the risk of heart disease. In a study, the researchers observed a positive association between levels of PFOS, PFOA, and PFNA and high cholesterol. However, they found the opposite for PFHxS. Therefore, only exposure to certain PFAS has a correlation with high cholesterol.

If you are wondering whether you have high cholesterol, there is no way to know unless you have a blood test looking at your lipid levels. Nonetheless, some of the signs that you might have high cholesterol if you were exposed to PFAS at military bases are:

  • left-sided chest pain
  • dizziness
  • unsteady gait
  • pain in the lower legs

Untreated high cholesterol can result in heart attack and stroke, and for this reason, it is of utmost importance for veterans and family members exposed to PFAS at military bases to keep a close eye on their health and undergo blood tests regularly. If you want to file a military base toxic exposure claim for high cholesterol to obtain financial compensation, you will have to send our expert team your medical records, which must state that your cholesterol levels are 240mg/dL or higher or your medical records indicating high cholesterol and evidence of prescription or your treatment plan.

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