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Major Congenital Anomalies Due to Toxic Exposure on Military Bases

PFAS contamination in the U.S. is extensive; from military bases to fire stations and airports to rural towns and major metropolitan areas, PFAS contamination has been found in almost 1,400 sites in 49 states. Hundreds of military bases across the country have been contaminated by PFAS-containing materials such as firefighting foam.

Dozens of drinking water systems in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio are contaminated with these manmade "forever chemicals." Yet, the existing regulatory actions are not sufficient to address PFAS's concern.

According to a recent report published by the Environmental Working Group, the number of PFAS-contaminated military sites has jumped to 700 from 401. PFAS-contaminated groundwater is a common occurrence in both active and inactive military bases, many of which are on the EPA Superfund List, for example:

  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, located in Onslow County in southeastern North Carolina has 26 designated clean-up areas.
  • McClellan Air Force Base, located in Sacramento, California, has 326 waste areas of both known and suspected PFAS contamination.

Prenatal Exposure to PFAS May Cause Birth Defects

Ongoing exposure to PFAS in drinking water can lead to high concentrations in the body that may affect the development of unborn babies. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, studies in humans have shown that exposure to PFAS may cause birth defects.

A birth defect, also called a "congenital anomaly," "congenital malformation," "congenital abnormality" or "congenital disorder" is a health problem or abnormal physical change that is present when a baby is born.

Scientific studies show that fetuses can be exposed to PFAS present in the mother during development since it can pass through the placenta. Moreover, infants can get a double dose of PFAS, first in the womb and then when they are breastfed.

The few studies that examined children under the age of two found higher serum levels of PFOS and PFOA likely from breastfeeding.

Birth defects are broadly classified as:

  • birth defects affecting the way the body is built, such as spina bifida, hypospadias, ventricular septal defect;
  • anomalies affecting the way the body works or develops, such as Down syndrome, phenylketonuria, hemophilia, Tay-Sachs disease.

Although perfluoroalkyl substances are considered non-genotoxic, PFAS exposure has been associated with the induction of oxidative stress in vitro and in vivo, and the possible induction of indirect genotoxic effects under sustained exposure has not been investigated.

We Assist Parents of Children with Birth Defects Caused by PFAS Exposure During Pregnancy

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