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What evidence is needed to be compensated for Parkinson’s due to paraquat exposure?

Multiple studies and continuous research on exposure to paraquat over the years indicate a strong link to the onset and development of Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating neurodegenerative condition that impacts day-to-day life.

Even though debates regarding this hypothesis are ongoing, a definitive consensus on the matter hasn’t been reached yet.

Accumulating evidence indicates that individuals who are exposed to paraquat seem more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease by at least 25%, while other studies provide a concerning rate of incidence of 75% for paraquat exposure of up to 1,600 feet from the source of application.

Individuals that have been exposed directly or indirectly to paraquat can seek compensatory settlements from the liable manufacturers of the product.

In order to successfully file a claim with entities that manufacture the substance, an affected individual needs to provide demonstrable proof of exposure to paraquat and a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

With an average statute of limitations between 2 to 3 years from the Parkinson’s diagnosis, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention and to provide experienced attorneys with the required evidence as fast as possible, as filing claims of this nature can be time-consuming and acting expeditiously provides a higher chance of being properly compensated for your continuous struggle with this debilitating illness.

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