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Toxic hair relaxer awareness campaign

Many popular hair relaxer brands available for purchase contain toxic chemicals that can disrupt the endocrine system and cause uterine cancer and ovarian cancer.

A study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that women who use hair relaxers more than four times a year are twice as likely to develop uterine cancer than those who never use these products.

Over the past decades, uterine cancer incidence has been on the rise, particularly among Black women, who represent the vast majority of hair relaxer consumers.

Approximately 60% of women who buy hair relaxers are Black, as their hair is more difficult to straighten using safer methods such as heat styling.

Some of the harmful chemicals lurking in hair relaxers are:

While some of these substances are carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors, others cause severe irritation, lesions, and burns of the scalp, which facilitates the other chemicals infiltrating the bloodstream. There are currently at least 54 toxic hair relaxer lawsuits pending nationwide, and numerous manufacturers have been named as defendants in these cases.

Because most women who regularly use hair relaxers no longer know which products are safe, we have created the Toxic Hair Relaxer Awareness Campaign, by virtue of which we offer free, safe, non-toxic hair relaxers and natural other hair product alternatives.

Hair relaxers women should avoid using

Nearly a dozen hair relaxer manufacturers have been accused of covertly including toxic, endocrine-disrupting chemicals in their products in the lawsuits filed by women who developed the above diseases. It is extremely important to know which hair relaxer companies might be responsible for producing and selling harmful products so that you know which ones to avoid.

These are only some of the hair relaxer manufacturers that appear as defendants in the lawsuits, whose products we advise you to cease using:

Furthermore, it is also important to know which hair relaxer brands have been mentioned in the lawsuits, as most women who sued these manufacturers claim they used mostly the same products. However, keep in mind that this is by no means a comprehensive list, and neither is the list of hair relaxer manufacturers. Women who filed a lawsuit blame the following hair relaxers for their uterine cancer and ovarian cancer, so we also advise you to stop using these products:

Request natural and safe hair relaxer products from ethical companies 

For some women, hair relaxers are essential beauty products, which is why we have decided to launch the Toxic Hair Relaxer Awareness Campaign, by virtue of which you can receive a safe hair relaxer free of harmful chemicals. The companies we partnered up with are ethical and never include toxic ingredients such as phthalates in their hair relaxers. Moreover, they regularly test for harmful contaminants in their products to make sure they deliver only high-quality hair relaxers to consumers.

If you are at a loss about which hair relaxer to use and want to receive one free of charge, we invite you to fill out the form on this page, and someone will contact you shortly to discuss the details. By using the hair relaxers provided with generosity by the manufacturers we collaborate with,  you can rest assured no toxic exposure will occur.  Still, it is important to keep in mind that if you want to request a hair relaxer, women with uterine cancer (endometrial cancer and uterine sarcoma) and ovarian cancer will have priority.