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Parazone 3SL Is Another Paraquat Brand Name

Posted on 27th February, 2022

by Legal Staff

Parazone 3SL is an effective non-selective, contact herbicide intended to control broadleaf and grass weeds and suppress perennial weeds. It can be employed as a desiccant or defoliant and as a harvest aid, and it contains 43.8% paraquat dichloride, making it a highly toxic chemical.

To avoid being mistaken for beverages such as coffee, Parazone 3SL has a strong odor, as well as an emetic that induces vomiting to help prevent accidental ingestion.

The herbicide is approved for use in over 100 different crops, including:

  • beans
  • peas
  • alfalfa
  • berries
  • almonds
  • cacao
  • artichoke
  • clover
  • asparagus
  • sunflower
  • vines
  • hops
  • sugarcane
  • corn
  • mint
  • safflower
  • cotton
  • onion
  • potato
  • peanuts

Parazone 3SL is mildly corrosive to aluminum. Since it produces hydrogen gas and can create an explosive gas mixture, it must not be stored in containers or systems made of aluminum.

Exposure to Parazone 3SL May Increase the Risk of Parkinson's Disease

Parazone 3SL is so dangerous that even one small sip can result in death. Consequently, the Environmental Protection Agency provides special training for agricultural workers who intend to employ paraquat products so that they can become certified applicators and be allowed to use the toxic chemical. Even uncertified individuals working under the supervision of licensed applicators are forbidden to use paraquat products.

Individuals who are certified to use Parazone 3SL must wear personal protective equipment, such as:

  • long-sleeve shirts and long pants
  • shoes and socks
  • protective eyewear and face shields
  • chemical resistant gloves and aprons
  • NIOSH-approved filtering respirator

This paraquat product is also toxic to wildlife and not allowed in areas with surface water and around home gardens, schools, golf courses, or playgrounds. Nevertheless, despite these measures and restrictions meant to mitigate the effects of paraquat use, toxic exposure cannot be avoided.

Frequent exposure to Parazone 3SL has been linked to severe health disorders, including Parkinson's disease. The most at risk of paraquat exposure are individuals who mix, handle, and apply the harmful product. Symptoms of Parkinson's, a neurodegenerative condition for which there is no cure, include:

  • slowed movement
  • impaired balance
  • changes in speech or writing
  • muscle stiffness
  • tremors

Upon noticing any of these symptoms, it is vital to encourage your family member to consult several medical specialists and establish a correct Parkinson's disease diagnosis.

File a Paraquat Exposure Claim with the Help of Atraxia Law's Resourceful Team

If you or your family members have been exposed to paraquat and received an accurate Parkinson's disease diagnosis, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your suffering.

The professionals at Atraxia Law will go to great lengths to determine if you are eligible to file a paraquat claim. However, your involvement will be minimal, as we will handle every case aspect on your behalf.

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