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Paraquat Is Commonly Marketed under the Trade Name PP148

Posted on 25th February, 2022

by Legal Staff

PP148, another toxic paraquat product, has been used across the United States since 1962 to control invasive broad-leaved weeds and grasses.

Due to the high toxicity of this broad-spectrum herbicide containing paraquat dichloride, a distinctive, pungent odor has been added to prevent accidental ingestion. It is typically supplied as a soluble concentrate mixed with water and further used as a spray. PP148 is very effective in a wide range of crops, including:

  • rice
  • alfalfa
  • hops
  • beans
  • peas
  • vines
  • corn
  • potatoes

This chemical is not designed for public use and is forbidden in residential areas, especially with surface water. Therefore, PP148 is classified as a restricted-use product employed only by licensed applicators.

PP148 Exposure and Parkinson's Disease

Agricultural workers who use PP148 are required to wear personal protective equipment when employing the chemical, such as:

  • filtering respirators
  • chemical resistant gloves and aprons
  • safety glasses and face shields
  • impervious clothing that protects the skin
  • rubber protective materials

Nevertheless, people are still at high risk of paraquat exposure despite all these protective measures. Regrettably, the prolonged use of PP148 has been linked to increased rates of Parkinson's disease among farmers and farmworkers, certified applicators, and people living near agricultural fields where this paraquat product is sprayed.

Paraquat exposure acts through an oxidative stress mechanism that damages sensitive areas of the brain, and a loss of function in these areas can become a cause of Parkinson's disease, an incurable and debilitating neurodegenerative condition that:

  • impairs movement
  • inflicts tremors
  • generates muscular stiffness
  • affects balance and coordination

People suffering from this disorder are often misdiagnosed, so it is vital to consult several medical professionals to receive an accurate Parkinson's diagnosis resulting from paraquat exposure and become eligible for compensation from the liable manufacturers.

Atraxia Law Can Help You File a Paraquat Exposure Claim

Many paraquat products are sold without proper health warnings, despite confirmed evidence that they increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease. If you or a family member has experienced injuries as a result of paraquat exposure, the experienced team at Atraxia Law can collect the necessary evidence that helps you establish eligibility for filing a paraquat claim with the manufacturers of PP148.

Dealing with the impact of a Parkinson's diagnosis is never easy, and medical care involves high costs. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your suffering. Do not hesitate to reach out for a free case evaluation, and we will gladly provide any additional information.