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Can Using a Sleep Apnea Device Damage My Lungs?

Yes, using a defective Philips CPAP, BiPAP, or ASV sleep apnea machine or ventilator can severely damage your lungs, particularly if you have been using it for a long time.

This is because your exposure to the toxic chemicals and off-gases released by the polyurethane foam in the device occurs primarily via inhalation. Accordingly, your lungs will be the most vulnerable organs if you use a faulty sleep apnea device.

Breathing in the air from a defective sleep apnea device can cause benign pulmonary diseases but also lung cancer. The following are some non-cancerous lung conditions you can develop:

It is important to be aware that you can seek financial compensation from Philips only if you have lung cancer, as exposure to the dangerous chemicals polyurethane foam releases has a strong connection with cancer. You can also file a claim if your cancer is located elsewhere in your body.

Lastly, you should know that, in some cases, suffering from a benign lung disease eventually leads to the development of lung cancer, which is why you should pay close attention to your health if your lungs are damaged in any way. If you have the misfortune of receiving a lung cancer diagnosis, we advise you to contact Atraxia Law as soon as possible to find out whether you can seek financial compensation from Philips.

Our Team of Professionals Will Help You File a Claim with Philips

The expert team of Atraxia Law has been evaluating product liability claims for more than 35 years, and we are ready to provide you with quality assistance if you have lung cancer that was caused by a defective Philips sleep apnea device. All you have to do is send us evidence that you own a sleep apnea machine or ventilator and your medical records that offer complete information about your lung cancer diagnosis.

Following a thorough assessment of your situation, you will know with certainty whether you qualify for filing a claim with the company. If you do, we will promptly recommend you a lawyer with vast experience in product liability so that you can carry on with the legal process and obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your suffering.