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Will my claim be joined to an MDL?

The litigation process involves all similar cases being consolidated into one federal district court, as it so happened at the end of 2020 with the defendant Teva Pharmaceuticals.

This legal mechanism of resolution is called multidistrict litigation (MDL), and it is a very practical procedure.

Even if your case is joined with others that are similar, it still means that every plaintiff has their distinct lawyer.

MDL is not a class action, but a legal mechanism meant to speed up the process and make it more effective. There is only one judge maintaining ruling consistency and conveniently saving the parties money and time. Based on the specifics of each case, victims receive their separate settlements, not parts of a commonly shared one.

How can Atraxia Law help?

The increase in the number of Paragard IUD lawsuits exposes the deficiency of the product and the negligence of the manufacturer.

If you have suffered from the use of a defective device and subsequent complications and surgeries, contact us as soon as possible to establish if you qualify for an injury claim from the liable manufacturer.

Let our experienced team evaluate your claim and strive to obtain the best positive outcome. Atraxia Law will handle the proceedings and you will not have to put in the time and effort since your presence in court is not required.