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Is this a class action or an individual suit?

Recent complaints demonstrate that Paragard T 380A is a dangerous device, prone to breakage inside of the implanted body and causing cause severe injuries.

The IUD may also fracture during the removal procedure, and extracting the broken parts usually requires intricate medical procedures.

In some cases, these parts can become irretrievable.

The claims that victims have filed attest to the manufacturer’s negligence in properly warning about risks, or that the device, marketed as safe and effective, has a defective design or a manufacturing error.

Teva Pharmaceuticals is the sole manufacturer of the Paragard non-hormonal IUD and the recent subject of public dispute against its defective product. The deeply harmful complications that women are subjected to can provide indisputable evidence of an injury and the financial damages that it resulted in.

In the past year, many injured parties all over the U.S. have filed lawsuits against the Paragard manufacturer.

This litigation does not constitute a class action, every plaintiff comes forward with individual claims. Due to the similar facts and increasing numbers of these separate claims, as well as to speed up the settlement process, they are now being joined into multidistrict litigation.

We can review your case and provide effective expertise for pursuing a claim

While no one can repair the physical and psychological traumas ensuing from Paragard IUD injuries, the right way to achieve legal justice is to receive reparations for your injuries from the liable entity.

Atraxia Law can advise you on your best legal options if your life has been impacted by Paragard, and establish your eligibility to file a claim and obtain adequate compensation for your suffering.

Since there is a time limit to apply, we advise you to act immediately so we can commence the evaluation and be able to work out great results in your favor.