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How Long Do Hernia Mesh Implants Last Before Creating Problems?

Hernia mesh complications are a serious matter that can impact the quality of life and even be life-threatening if untreated.

Hernia mesh side-effects and complications may occur immediately or years later after a hernia mesh surgery. The signs and symptoms associated with defective hernia mesh may appear abruptly or slowly, depending on the severity of complications.

If you were implanted with a hernia mesh in the past, and you have since suffered one or more severe side effects as a result, seek medical attention right away.

Treatment depends, of course, on the problem that needs to be fixed, but often additional surgery will be necessary to remove the failed mesh and potentially replace it. Unfortunately, revision surgery is more complicated and riskier than the original hernia repair surgery and although it might be necessary to improve quality of life, patients can’t always afford it.

Regardless of whether a hernia mesh product is recalled or withdrawn from the market, if you are injured due to a flaw in a surgical hernia mesh, you may have legal options. Atraxia Law can help you explore the possibility of filing a hernia mesh claim that may compensate you for your losses and pain.

Contact Atraxia Law if You Experienced Complications After Undergoing Hernia Repair Surgery

Almost one-third of the people who undergo hernia surgeries experience some sort of complications, like chronic or intermittent pain, bowel perforation, and infection, according to one study.

In some cases, hernia mesh complications may result from defective mesh implants. In these situations, victims may be eligible for a hernia mesh compensation claim. Eligibility criteria can have restrictive guidelines and deadlines associated with filing a claim.

A statute of limitations is the length of time within which a claimant must file a claim or they may be unable to recover any money at all. These periods vary greatly from state to state both in length and when they begin. In certain states, the period begins when the wrongful act—in our case the surgery date—occurred.

For others, a 'discovery rule' is applied, meaning that the period begins when the patient discovers or reasonably should discover that something is wrong. What this means for you, is that if you have begun to experience side effects after a surgical mesh implant procedure, you should not wait. Contact our case managers today, to protect your rights before the limitations period expires.