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Is Paragard’s design deficient?

Recent claims have unearthed the catastrophic reality behind the Paragard IUD, a product guaranteeing safety and effectiveness.

However, the company has failed to meet its standards since its approval in 1984 by the FDA.

The overwhelming majority of complaints are related to the increased rate of breakage upon removal of the device, causing women severe injuries leading to catastrophic consequences.

The acknowledgment that the IUD is defective is augmented by the manufacturers’ failure to properly inform users about the risks of fracture and subsequent injuries to tissues and organs.

While the removal is supposed to be nonsurgical, performed swiftly and accident-free, victims are faced with broken pieces inside their bodies. Some parts even fracture on their own, without an attempted removal, requiring invasive procedures for extraction.

We can provide quality assistance in case of Paragard IUD injuries

The specifics of your situation can help us determine how to proceed with your claim, therefore, it's advisable to contact us as soon as possible to evaluate your personal situation and figure out the best legal approach. 

If you have suffered serious complications as a result of Paragard T 380 A, we can help you seek financial compensation.

The support of our specialists will prove invaluable every step of the way, thoroughly examining the extent of the damages that you have suffered and the manufacturer's liability.

We are here to listen to your harmful episode exhaustively, as every piece of information is indispensable. All of the variables of your experience may determine the outcome of your claim. 

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