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Has the Paragard Been Recalled?

Despite its proven deficiencies and failure to meet standards, the Paragard T 380A remains on the market, potentially endangering other women who might decide to continue using it.

The recall process is initiated either by the manufacturer, as a protective action against liability, or imposed by the FDA, in case the manufacturer fails to take the restorative measures.

In the case of the Paragard IUD, none of the two situations ensued.

According to an occurrence from 2014, the manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals was indeed required by the FDA to recall two lots of the device, but for issues with sterility, not breakage or other faults. No injuries were reported from that episode.

The list of reported complications alone is enough to remove any doubt that the copper IUD is extremely hazardous and potentially life-threatening. Adding to the equation the ongoing lawsuits from claimants injured by the defective product, the result should be more than sufficient to enforce the recall procedure.

File a Paragard Injury Claim with the Help of Our Experts

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An increasing number of women are coming forward with their catastrophic experiences that have severely impacted their lives.

A birth control device marketed as safe and effective can necessitate diagnostic methods, surgeries, hospitalization, boundless suffering, and emotional and physical distress.

Our team is completely dedicated to assisting Paragard victims to sort through the legal development that may lead to compensation for their incommensurable losses. Get in touch with us today to find out if you are eligible.