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Have there been any Paragard settlements yet?

Paragard T 380A is a copper-wrapped, intrauterine device, intended to prevent birth for up to 10 years of use.

Its hormone-free properties should constitute a safer way with fewer side effects, in theory; however, the list of women suffering adverse reactions and severe complications is endless.

More victims are coming forward with their disastrous experiences involving problematic and defective Paragard IUDs.

The negligence of Teva Pharmaceuticals, its failure to warn users and medical specialists about the probability of device breaking has been the common denominator of filed complaints.

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Lawsuits have been filed since last year against the manufacturer, but litigation is in an incipient phase so there have been no settlements so far.

While there have been several Paragard IUD cases going to trial, settlements are yet to be determined.

Atraxia Law will certainly fight for your best outcome, will always have your personal interest at heart, and the highest possible amount of reparations for your injuries, hospitalization bills, disorders, emotional and physical distress, severe or life-threatening complications, and other losses.

Women who pursued device removal had to suffer invasive procedures or surgeries that led to serious injuries. Case evaluations are performed according to any of the following complications related to a Teva Paragard implant:

If you suffered any injuries including but not limited to the listed complications, you may be eligible for compensation. Reach out to us right away and find out how.